United Kingdom

Edinburgh: the enchanting city

Welcome to Edinburgh, Scotland's crown jewel perched ever so proudly on its rocky peak. It’s a city with two faces—medieval and modern.

Emblem of the city and visible for kilometres around, Edinburgh Castle dominates the banks of the Firth of Forth and has a view of the far-off North Sea. It is the spectacular heart of Old Town, a neighbourhood built in the Middle Ages, with narrow winding streets, monuments, historical squares, and colourful pubs. On the opposite bank is the altogether different and more modern New Town with its 18th-century architecture, lined with Georgian facades and Victorian houses. This lively area is full of chic boutiques, fashionable restaurants, teashops, theatres, and nightclubs, plus some beautiful gardens, including the resplendent Royal Botanic Garden.

Throughout the year, Edinburgh radiates charm and mystery: dark and stormy in winter, dazzling in spring, a balmy seaside resort in summer, and wild in the autumn. Culture reigns in this dynamic city, which has many museums, historical buildings, galleries and internationally recognised festivals. It is best explored on foot, getting gloriously lost in its historical streets. Tales and legends have shaped the city, and its ghosts are still very much at home here. In fact, it has more cemeteries than any other city in the world…

Facing the sea is the long and sandy Portobello Beach. A few kilometres further north, the sea air of Leith attracts many artists, galleries, and restaurants. This is the fashionable destination for hipsters and foodies, who enjoy the several Michelin-starred restaurants and, of course, its Scotch whisky and craft beers. Still have a little free time? Explore the captivating surrounding countryside and then pop over to Glasgow!