economy meal

In the economy cabin, your flight is a gourmet moment

Enjoy a tasty meal on board.

For intercontinental flights, caribbean and indian ocean

Gourmet menus

The champagne and the various wines available on board have been selected by Paolo Basso, the world's best sommelier in 2013.  A generous and gourmet meal is offered, consisting of a starter, a choice between 2 hot dishes, bread and cheese, and a pastry.  All our hot dishes departing from Paris have a nutri-score of A or B.   At the end of the meal, enjoy a coffee, a tea, or a digestive. 


Elegant trays and a self-service buffet

Your meal is served on a tray that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. We are progressively introducing new eco-responsible containers: wood cellulose trays, and dishes made from sugar cane. Hot and cold beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are also offered throughout the flight. Depending on the length and the schedule of your flight, we also offer a snack or breakfast, in addition to a hot meal on long-haul flights. On most of our flights, we offer a self-service buffet with sweet and savory treats, in addition to sandwiches and fresh snacks, on long-haul flights.


Meals for our youngest passengers

We also pay special attention to our youngest passengers. We offer special meals for infants and children up to and including 8 years of age. On flights departing from Paris, the meals are composed of organic products. In addition to the special meal service, we also offer children an in-flight game box to entertain themselves. For the comfort of you and your child, their meal is served before yours. Upon request at the time of booking, children from 9 to 11 years of age can also enjoy this special meal.

child meal

For flights in europe and north africa

Catering adapted to the time and duration of your flight.

At breakfast time, we offer you a sweet cookie with a hot drink or fruit juice.  And on flights over 2.5 hours long, you can enjoy a choice of sandwiches.  For the rest of the day, enjoy a fresh sandwich (with a sweet cookie on flights over 2.5 hours), served with a choice of hot beverage (except on flights under 1.5 hours), fruit juice or alcohol.  


A wide choice of drinks

Choose from a wide range of free drinks: hot or cold, still or carbonated, with or without alcohol...