A premium and savory dining experience in the Business cabin

For intercontinental flights, Caribbean and Indian Ocean

On flights departing from Paris, the stars of the French culinary world come together to surprise you throughout your entire trip. In 2023, some of the most famous Michelin-starred chefs have crafted delicacies for your plate: Michel Roth, Régis Marcon, Thierry Marx, and Anne-Sophie Pic. Starters, mains, cheese, pastries, and fruit...Treat yourself! On flights departing from Reunion Island, you will discover a menu consisting of refined gourmet flavors by Chef Jofrane Dailly. On flights from the United States and Canada, you can continue to savor Chef Daniel Rose's menus. Starting soon on flights from Canada, you will be able to delight in new dishes created by Chef Olivier Perret, of Le Renoir at the Sofitel Hotel in Montreal.

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For flights within Europe and North Africa

Enjoy a delicious cold snack with hot bread and pastries at breakfast time. For lunch or dinner, savor a tasty cold meal consisting of a dish designed by François Adamski, cheese, dessert, and hot bread. On flights longer than 2.5 hours, enjoy a treat with your hot drink. These trays are served with hot beverages, fruit juices, sodas, wines, and spirits.


For all our flights in the Business cabin

A wine list that exceeds the standard. In the Business cabin, discover a wine list created by the 2013 world's best sommelier, Paolo Basso. Our wines are served at your leisure. To accompany your culinary experience, we offer after-dinner drinks and gourmet coffee on flights longer than 2.5 hours.       


Reinventing the art of dining.   French designer Jean-Marie Massaud crafted an elegant table set to make your meal a unique dining experience. He also designed sleek, elegant, and transparent glasses to evoke airiness and flight. We have chosen luxurious items made from top-grade materials, including porcelain by Guy Dugrenne and steel flatware by Christofle, to make your table an exceptional setting for your meal.